USB Drives – Gifts Worth Giving

Promotional flash drives are an easy way for businesses to build recognition and goodwill among their customers. A free USB drive is a win-win situation for everyone. USB drives are small portable convenient and useful to almost anyone. USB drives are attractive and convey a positive message about your product or services. And a fortune doesn’t have to be spent on flash drives to provide your clients with a valuable gift. Don't give away swag that cheapens your brand. You don't want anything that's flimsy or fragile, that's not the image you want to show your clients.

Companies sink billions into branded freebies, but many businesses fail to creatively think and design their marketing efforts, with the result that most swag ends up in the dumpster. Don’t waste promotional dollars on a throwaway item that won’t be used or remembered. Your clients remember your name every time they plug in their USB flash drive.

USB flash drives make a great portable billboard. Your logo will fit onto almost any storage flash drive. But avoid the temptation of making it too big, if you want to catch someone's eye, go for a smaller logo set against a bright background.

Flash drives are functional. Steer clear of cute but useless toys or gizmos that beg the question "What is that?"

Thumb drives are small. Give clients freebies that can be easily slipped into luggage and won't set off airport metal detectors. Consider your typical customer and think about the benefits a thumb drive provides your end user. Don’t get hung up on purchasing promotional items that look good without considering how your client will use it.

Be environmentally and customer friendly about packaging. If you use a velvet box or a snakeskin case to present a cheap-looking pen, expect eye-rolling. And with todays focus on operating a green business, look for items packaged in recycled materials. USB flash drives are environmentally friendly products in two ways - having a small form factor, using very little plastic and USB flash requires very little or no packaging.

Even if people don't need a USB drive, they'll often pass it along to a colleague or family member. Either way, you name is out there.

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