Portable Storage – Flash Drives Replacing the CD

Portable Storage or USB flash drives are replacing floppy disks, CD’s and zip disks as the preferred method of small portable storage among computer professionals and casual users alike. Portable storage is a convenient and fast way to backup and transfer information. Flash drives allow documents, applications, music or videos to be conveniently stored and transported in a form factor that fits easily in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. A flash drive can be easily imprinted with a logo to become a portable bill board for your company.

Flash drives have a long but limited lifespan based on how many reads and writes are made to the flash drive. But by sticking with a trusted name you can be confident that the data in memory has 10 year data retention. Be wary of flash drives that are sold under unfamiliar names, the cheaper quality drives can become corrupt in months or days. Stick with a name that has lots of favorable reviews.

With a limited budget, many companies previously used CDs as the preferred method of distributing marketing materials or presentations to customers. Now with flash drives, companies realize that even if they don't distribute as many copies, the value of the logo flash drive out weights using CD’s since many won’t keep CDs. Flash drives however, people will keep, actually use, and it just happens to have your advertisement on it.

The portable storage USB flash drive is a great tool that will be constantly used by clients and employees, making logo flash drives a perfect platform for promotions and brand building.

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