Portable Storage - The lighter Side

The portable USB flash memory comes in handy when it’s time to have fun.
As the fastest growing replacement for the floppy disk, USB flash memory drives are one of the few areas of technology that have a pronounced sense of humor.

Thumb drives come dressed in the costume of rubber duckies, spaghetti, tiki idols, mahjong tiles, sushi, as well as more practical items such as pens, laser pointers, wrist watches and spy cameras.

Thumbs drives are a new tool added to the famous Swiss Army knife and others that come in damage resistant, waterproof, leather and aluminum cases. Thumb drives have been dressed up as accessories like key chains, charm bracelets, and necklaces.

Thumb drives are currently priced from low-end 1gB models selling for $9 all the way up to $4000 for an 128GB model. The favorites seem to be the 1GB and 2GB models, but at the rates prices are falling, it’s easy to buy 16gB or 32gB for less than $100.

When it comes to portable storage, the flash drive is king so why not make it fun?

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